There are 2 tasks and you are provided with the time of 60 minutes. In consideration of Task 1 there is a requirement of 150 words at least whereas for the Task 2 you need to write at least 250 words.

Test Parts

Basically, there are 2 Test parts in the Writing Section.

Academic Writing

When it comes to task 1, the details provided to you are in the form of charts, diagrams and graphs and keeping in mind the details shown in the form of those diagramsand graphs you are required to give explanation in a summarized form. Whereas, when it comes to Task 2 there is a requirement of presenting in the form of an essay a response which may be either in the context of being a problem or an argument. The discussions possessed by the data provided is based on general understanding, the details are quite understandable and anyone who is entering in the studies based on the graduates and postgraduates may easily work with those details. However, the two of these tasks must be provided for in the form of neutral style bearing a semi-formal tone and shall be academic.


General Training Writing

When it comes to the Task 1 you arerequired to write a letter which either is a request of information or may be an elaboration of the situation which you are provided with beforehand, however, the tone of this letter shall either be neutral or in the form of being semi-formal. When it comes to Task 2, you should write an essay which is your response to the argument or the problem which has been provided for in the situation. The nature of the essay may be more on the personal side rather than being Academic Writing Task 2 Essay, the topics which are provided are usually the general ones and are interesting as well.



Academic Writing

In the context of Task 1, your assessment is performed by way of analyzing your skills when it comes to the presentation of the data and the process involved, you are judged upon the consideration of making an analysis of the different events and objects also yourcapabilities of explanation about how things move around. In the Task 2, you are provided with a response and your ability is being assessed about providing for a solution to the problems and presentation of your response and opinion based on the situation provided. You are expected to provide a justified evaluation of the response under the light of argument and evidences.


General Training Writing

Task 1 provides for your capabilities about making an analysis on the information provided and along with that you are assessed based on providing an insight to your personal views and insights and yourchoices in terms of likes and dislikes. However, in the Task 2 you are assessed in the context of your abilities in light of providing the solution to any problem that has been highlighted andyour ides to a certain situation are being assessed.

Download Material:

Although there is enough practice material in the books of Cambridge and Barrons but if you want to practice more, then please contact us the given email id, we will provide you more samples to practice and prepare. 


The assessment of your performance has been conducted under the IELTS criteria which falls under the writing assessment and the examiners are certified IELTS examiners. The entire criteria of the assessment have been provided for at the www.ielts.org/criteria also the contribution of Task 2 is double the Task 1 and scores are either provided for in complete or half bands.

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