Japanese police confiscate more than 20,000 crypto coins from an English-speaking customer

Japanese police have seized more than 2.6 million digital coins, including nearly 10 million bitcoin and about 2.5 million litecoin, from a customer, an AFP news agency report said on Monday.The AFP quoted a police source as saying the customer, identified only as “A” in the report, was found to have imported digital coins worth […]

English: 3 things you need to know about French language study

This article is part of our French language course preparation course.If you would like to receive our weekly newsletter, subscribe here.To continue, click here.If the course is in French, you can continue to the next page.English 1: A brief introduction to the basics of English grammar.2: The French alphabet.3: The structure of French.4: The difference […]

When is a baby born?

In a world where parents often have to choose between the convenience of breastfeeding or the health risks of formula feeding, there is a common sentiment: Baby, you’re about to get a lot bigger than you think.According to a recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute, more Canadians think their babies will be bigger and […]

How to make the perfect Mandarin quiz

An international language course is out there for those who want to learn Mandarin.If you’re looking for an opportunity to study Mandarin with the help of an experienced tutor, you should check out the Mandarin course we’ve put together.The course focuses on the basics of the language, such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and vocabulary structures.If […]


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