‘We’ll fight to make sure it stays in Iceland’: Icelandic lawmakers say they won’t accept refugees

HANS DAWKINS/AFP/Getty Images Icelanders have said they will not accept refugees fleeing war in Syria.The Icelandic Parliament voted in favour of a bill on Friday that would allow for the resettlement of refugees from the Middle East, and it passed by a vote of 55 to 35.In a written statement, the Icelandic government said that […]

How to check if you have the latest version of the ieltz registration software

Ielts software is a new version of a popular registration and system for small businesses.It allows for multiple registrations on a single device and is currently in beta.Ielt’s software lets you customize the app so you can have multiple devices on your system.Ielts has built-in support for Google Apps for Business, so if you’re a […]

Why Iels is the biggest, dumbest, most annoying subreddit

TheIeltsRegistrationRegistration subreddit is a collection of a few hundred, mostly anonymous, people with a passion for the idea of registering Ielts.For most, it’s just a hobby.For Ielt, however, it becomes a way of expressing their identity and expressing their emotions, a way to make connections and feel like a part of something larger than themselves.For […]

IELTS Registration: IELTs Certificate Online for $20

IELT registration is now open on the College Board’s new registration portal.Students will now be able to register for IELts certification through the IELTT website.The new portal will offer students a streamlined, simplified experience for accessing the IEM.The College Board said that IELt certificates are now available for both private and public colleges.The College Board […]


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