Provision of 11 to 14 minutes

Test Parts:

There is a division in three distinct parts.


Part 1:

Part 1 is basically an interview; this interview comprises of the introduction of the examiner as well as the applicant for whom the interview is being conducted. In the introductionpart, the examiner requires the answer to some questions based on generallife which provides an insight to your family, education,and general interests.


Part 2:

In the second part,you are provided with a cue card that has your task and you are given a topic over which you need to talk. The examiner gives you one minute and a pencil paper to prepare your talk and once you have talked over the topic for 2 minutes you are asked about a few questions by the examiners on the same topic or related to it.


Part 3:

This part is based on two-way discussion, this task takes about 4 to 5 minutes and the examiner talks about the topic in which is being given in part 2. The discussion is based on questions asked by the examiner anddifferent issues and ideas are being discussed in this part regarding the same topic.

Download Material:

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Assessment of this part is made by the examiners certified by IELTS and the criteria of assessment is also based on the IELTS speaking test assessmentcriteria which gives an insight to the fluency, pronunciation ad accuracy of speaking. The website www.ielts.org/criteria has the entirecriteria laid down and the scoring is based on bands being either full or half.

Speaking test can be taken 3 days prior or maximum 2 days after the written test, may be as on same day of the writing test.

All material is password protected, So in order to run the files, Please contact us and pay accordingly.
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