We’ve heard it before.

The word ‘chicken-and-egg’ has been bandied about in recent weeks when it comes to how the national team is being run, but there’s something in the way that it’s used that’s changed the conversation.

In recent weeks, the Irish football media have been questioning the way the national squad is being managed.

The most notable recent example came from Irish Independent columnist Dave Kilcoyne, who suggested that Ireland should be “playing in front of more fans”.

“I can understand the frustration in people’s minds, that’s why it’s so important for the national side to be doing things differently.

I think they are,” Kilcoyle told RTÉ Radio 1’s Morning Ireland programme.”

If it’s not playing in front to more people then it’s playing against a very weak team.”

He said it was a “huge issue” for Irish football, but that there had to be “more focus” on how the team was being run.

Kilcoynes article was met with criticism from a range of players.

The Dublin-born Kilcoysons wife, who has also written for the Irish Independent, has spoken out against him.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the way things are going in our game and I just want people to know that I’m not saying anything,” she told The Irish Sun.

“I think the national teams work well together.

I know that they’ve got a very strong group of people, but the way it’s being run and how the squad is structured is so much different to what we’ve seen in other countries.”

Former Dublin-based international midfielder and Irish Times columnist Conor Murray echoed Kilcodyns criticisms.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be playing with more people and playing more games in front,” he said.

“That’s the thing I worry about with all of this is we’re not playing a professional football league.”

The most recent example of the ‘chick-and


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