The grand slam final is the biggest event of the year, and we can’t wait for it.

But what about the teams, players and managers?

Well, we’ve done a quick poll to find out which one of the teams is going to make the finals.

The results show which teams are going to finish on top in the grand slam tournament.

Read on for the results.

The first thing to know about the Australian Open is that the top two finishers in each of the men’s and women’s doubles tournaments will qualify for the final.

The top two players from each round will go through to the second round and play against the winners from the men and women singles tournaments.

But the Australian teams aren’t going to be alone in this tournament.

This will be a two-team event with the top eight players from the two singles and men’s tournaments advancing to the final on Thursday, November 19.

Australia’s women’s team will have to fight hard to advance to the finals as the men have already qualified.

But the team has a lot of firepower in the team of Michael Adams and Kym Lumsden, who have been in good form this year and are in the final four of the Australian Championships.

So if you’re looking for an Australian Open player to beat, look no further than the pair of players that will be competing for the Australian titles.

Adams and Lumsdale are two of the top players in the world, with Adams playing in the first round of the US Open.

The rest of the Australians are equally as good, but there’s no one on this list that can beat them in the tournament.

In fact, the best Australian players have all had a difficult run in Australia.

The next Australian Open final will take place on Sunday, November 22, but it will be the final that will decide the Australian title.

If Australia wins the grand final, the winner will be crowned the winner of the 2015 Australian Open.

Read more about the men`s singles and doubles tournament here:


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