Indian students studying abroad in the US have described the experience as “unbelievably” challenging and frustrating.

In a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday, one of the students, known as Ankit Kumar, said he felt “as if I was in a foreign country” after the final exam.

He said he “did not expect that I would be on such a long wait” to be admitted into a top university in the world.

“The only thing that kept me going was to keep going and keep pushing,” Mr Kumar said.

“I am so happy that I am here.”

He said the experience had “changed” his perspective on life.

“What is there to be happy about?” he asked.

“Everything has been changed.

I feel as if I am in a new country and I feel a new reality.”

The university said it would “work closely” with the students and their families during the process.

A spokesperson said the university was committed to ensuring the best possible experience for its students.

“While the final exams will be different for each individual, we are committed to assisting the students in any way that we can, including through counselling and support services, and offering them the support they need to make the best of their time,” the spokesperson said.

A university spokesperson said it was committed “to ensuring the highest standards of academic excellence, and working closely with the Indian Government, to make sure that the best quality students and the best educational experiences for our students are met”.

“We understand that our students have different needs from other students, and we are working closely to support the students as they navigate the challenging exam process,” the statement said.ABC/wires


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