Posted November 08, 2018 09:18:16 The International Language Test is a voluntary, non-profit, accredited English language test, administered by the Australian Council for the Education of International Languages.

The test covers three areas: grammatical, syntactic, and lexical.

For English learners who need to pass the test, there are three options: 1) take the test online in a private tutoring service; 2) take a written test; or 3) take an oral test.

This test is not a universal language test (although it is intended for those who need it).

There are a number of different ways to take the International Language Assessment Test.

The English version of the test is available on the ACT Government website and a digital version is available to people who live outside of the ACT.

For more information on the test and what to expect, check out the ACT government website.


What is an International Language Testing Service?

The International Linguistic Testing Service (ILTS) is an organisation based in England that administers the test.

An ILTS Test is an online version of a written or oral test administered by a recognised academic authority.

ILTS is also the organisation that adminises the international test for English language learners.

This means that the test’s content and format are not dependent on the availability of a language tutor.

If a test is online, you can use it with any language tutor available, and the ILTS test does not need to be accompanied by a written instruction.

ILDS also has a website for its international test.

ILMS is an independent organisation, but it is a registered charity in Australia, and has its own website.


What are the options for taking the test?


Taking the test Online: An ILLS test is offered by the ACT Ministry of Education.

To take the ILLS Test online, go to the ACT Education website and register. 2


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