Spanish has a complicated vocabulary and the reason for that is simple, said David N. Lewis, a professor of linguistics at the University of Virginia.

“English is an interesting case because it has so many words that don’t sound like each other, and that’s where the trouble comes in,” Lewis said.

“They have to learn a lot of them.

I think the best way to understand the problem is to imagine the vocabulary of a German or Dutch word, and then look at the vocabulary for a Spanish word and say, what is the difference?”

In English, a word means something and its meaning is the part of a word that comes after it.

That’s why there are so many “bad” words in English.

But in Spanish, a sentence can mean more than one thing, said Lewis.

For example, in Spanish there are many verbs, but only one “to” verb.

That means you can’t have an English sentence that says, “To go to the theater,” without the “to,” and the English “to go” verb can’t be translated into Spanish as “to.”

That’s why the word “to be” in Spanish is a verb.

In English it would be “to have,” and in Spanish it would also be “want,” and vice versa.

“So the thing is, you can have both verbs and adjectives, but the English verb needs an adjective to describe it,” Lewis explained.

“And when you want to say something like ‘to be a doctor,’ you don’t have to use an adjective.”

The word “doctor” can’t mean just a doctor, but also a dentist, a social worker, a lawyer, or a teacher.

It also doesn’t mean a physician or a dentist.

But it does mean a person who does things.

It’s not a problem when you’re learning a foreign language, but when you are learning English, Lewis said, the difficulty comes in figuring out the rules of the game.

“English is a very difficult language because there are rules and there are structures that you have to figure out.

It’s not as easy as it is in English.”

As a result, Lewis explained, most of the time people are learning Spanish for the first time in a foreign country.

“When they are in a new country, they learn Spanish by watching a movie or by having someone teach them,” he said.

But if you are an English speaker, there are also ways to improve your Spanish.

The first step to learning Spanish is to practice it, Lewis advised.

If you have never used Spanish before, start with a short video tutorial that shows you some basic vocabulary and phrases.

Then take a couple of minutes to listen to a Spanish-speaking friend, or at least talk to someone who speaks Spanish.

If you are not already fluent in Spanish and are not sure how to use Spanish, Lewis suggested you look into the Spanish Language Study Program at the College of William and Mary.

If your Spanish isn’t fluent, Lewis also suggested you speak Spanish with a Spanish teacher.

To get the most out of the Spanish language, Lewis recommends using a Spanish accent.

“If you don, it can be hard to understand some things you hear in a Spanish conversation,” he added.

“It’s good to have a different accent when you speak English.”

In addition to that, Lewis recommended learning vocabulary from a Spanish friend.

“The Spanish language is really complex, and it’s hard to learn things you don:t know,” he explained.

The best way is to start from scratch.

For some of the things that you might be hearing in Spanish on a daily basis, it may be time to think about whether or not you need to learn Spanish at all.

For instance, if you hear Spanish all the time and you want a new vocabulary, you could consider learning Spanish.

“Spanish is really easy,” Lewis suggested.

“There are so few words that are hard, you have lots of words that you can use and it gets really easy.”


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