The Democratic Party’s efforts to rebuild after President Donald Trump’s inauguration failed.

The Democratic Party has been unable to recover from a series of embarrassing defeats in midterm elections that have exposed the party’s weakness.

Democrats are losing seats in the House, the Senate and governorships in an era of a Republican president, with at least two states where the party has won elections.

Democratic candidates have lost the support of a majority of voters.

The party’s inability to regain control of the Senate, where it holds a supermajority, may hurt it in the 2018 midterms, where Republicans hold a slim 52-48 majority.

Democrats also are vulnerable in gubernatorial races in states where they are losing the support or have lost seats in recent years.

In Wisconsin, for example, Republicans have won a majority in the Assembly for more than a decade.

Democrats could be able to regain some of the seats that they lost in 2016, but they could also face a long fight to retake control of states such as Montana, where Democratic Gov.

Brian Schweitzer has been in office since 2014.

The president’s presidency has left the Democrats vulnerable to attacks from the right wing, which is energizing many Republicans.

The Democrats’ problems have worsened in the past few months, as Trump has taken a more strident tone toward the party.

The White House has issued statements that Trump does not support or support the Democratic Party and the party leadership is struggling to get any message out.

Republicans have accused the Democrats of being too close to the Trump administration and of trying to undermine the president’s agenda.

In a tweet Friday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer accused Democrats of “playing the victim” in their opposition to the president, who has a rocky relationship with Congress.

Trump has been accused of not being supportive enough of Democrats in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, in which an ISIS-inspired man attacked a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany.

He also has taken flak for calling on Congress to pass legislation that would punish those who commit terrorism-related acts.

The Paris attacks and Trump’s refusal to support Congress have fueled bipartisan anger at the president.

Trump is now the only major party candidate who has yet to publicly back a Democratic president’s position on the Paris attacks.


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