When you watch a video or listen to a radio station, you may have heard a few words, phrases or words that you may not have heard in English.

What do you call those words, and what does the English equivalent of those words sound like?

The answer depends on how you ask.

Here are some questions that you can use to help you figure out how the English word sounds in different language groups:In the United States, for example, you’ll hear English and Spanish words in the same sentence, even though the words in each group are different.

But when you ask what the Spanish word for “bicycle” would be, it’s often different than the English.

It may sound more like “bicycles,” for example.

Here’s how the two groups sound in English:In other words, English speakers will tend to pick up on more words and phrases in Spanish than English speakers do in English, and vice versa.

But you can’t just say, “Spanish words are a little bit harder to pronounce than English words,” because that wouldn’t work in any case.

You can try to learn more about the difference between the two languages by trying to ask the same question in Spanish as well as English.

You’ll see that the Spanish people pick up the words more quickly, and the English speakers pick them up less quickly.

You can also try using the same language groups to learn the difference in how words sound in different situations.

Here is how the word “bikes” sounds in Spanish and English:It’s worth noting that you’ll see this same difference in Spanish.

For example, the Spanish pronunciation of “biker” is much more pronounced than the “bikers” in English (or, in fact, it is).

But the English pronunciation of the same word is much closer to Spanish than it is to English.

That’s because English speakers are often more familiar with Spanish words and their sounds than are Spanish speakers.


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