The Indian government is making an ambitious push to create smart, well-educated students, by encouraging schools to teach them English and science in a way that is as engaging as it is practical.

The education ministry on Thursday issued an order to all schools that are planning to set up new schools for English and Science (ES) students, starting next year.

The schools are to be selected from a list that will be submitted to the ministry by the end of October.

The ministry has decided to set the curriculum for students of the new schools at a level that is comparable to what they will learn in primary schools.

It also asked all schools to give the ES students a full English curriculum.

The school’s teachers are also to be taught English.

“It will be a different environment for ES students.

The environment for primary school teachers will be very different,” said an official in the ministry, who did not wish to be named.

He said the aim is to make ES education accessible to all.

“If we are to have ES students, it is important that they are not being taught in a classroom that is not as good as that of a primary school teacher.

We need to be able to train ES students in the same way that primary school students train.”

The ministry is also looking at how to prepare teachers to be responsible for ES, as it has a policy of not giving any preference to students from rural areas.

The move is aimed at addressing the gap in knowledge that exists in rural areas where most of the rural children are educated.

“The government wants to bring ES students to urban areas so that they can be prepared to work in the urban environment,” said a senior education official.

The government also wants to make the education system more affordable, as ES students earn about Rs 12,000 more per annum than primary school children.

The government has also asked state governments to offer ES students free public transport to get to the school and also free health care.

The Indian government has made several attempts to introduce ES in primary education, but has faced resistance from parents, who say it is too expensive.


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